Message From President

Ganesh Bahadur Oli

Nepal is a multi-Cultural, Multi-religious and Multi-lingual country .It is backward in social, cultural, economic, political, and educational aspects. Absence of the rule of law and the violation of human rights are common phenomena here due to the transitional political situation of the nation. Sexual abuse to children, domestic violence to women and gender discrimination are other common problems. In this circumstance, it’s not surprising that age-old traditions, concepts, norms and values are the root causes of violence, inequality and discrimination in the country. The aforementioned problems are serious challenges to the concerned authorities and agencies.

In the recent years, global warming has been a burning worldwide problem. It is like a wild goose chase to solve this problem for the developing countries like Nepal. Due to the lack of employment opportunities, young generations are disappearing from their motherland. Similarly, brain-drain is another issue because of the present impractical educational system. Despite having adequate means and resources, the government doesn’t have any temporary and long-term policies to utilize them. Agriculture, entrepreneurship and tourism are the assets on which the future of our country relies. So, if youths are empowered, the concerned agencies and organizations can contribute to the missions of HUREC Nepal for social transformation and economic growth.

Human Rights and Rural Environment Protection Center (HUREC Nepal), a multi- purpose social organization has started its awareness campaigns through interactions, discussions and advocacy of human rights, social justice, equality, youth empowerment and conservation of environment. There is close connection between environment and human rights. Environment degradation is intertwined with the violation of human and animal rights as every living being needs a good environment for its survival. We believe we can build well-cultured and civilized society if our missions and visions are widely supported. Only then, we can imagine the society with full of human rights, social justice and good governance.

Thank You.