The field of human rights is under a serious threat due to human rights violence and absence of law .Our burning challenges are to eliminate social discrimination ,domestic violence, child labour, untouchability and human trafficking. Man has integral link with the environment .There is degradation of the environment due to pollution and deforestation .Despite the efforts to awaken the public in the fields of human rights and environmental conservation. HUREC-Nepal was established in 2006 AD at Ratu VDC of Surkhet as a Community Based Organization (CBO), which was officially registered in District Administration office Surkhet and Social Welfare Council Kathmandu Nepal in 2009 AD as a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO).

Human right today has been disrupted by traditional views and culture . Exploitation, untouchability and discrimination are still deeply rooted on the bases of races ,genders ,classes Religious violence over female is in the increase .In the accusation of being a witch or bringing less amount of dowry or infertility ,many women are being boycotted from the families or burnt to death and physically or mentally tortured . HUREC-Nepal is active against such inhuman activities and absence of law or sentence.

Environment is very sensitive for all living beings .It is the human beings that is solely responsible for the deterioration of environment. Due to rapid deforestation, organisms in the environment are in the condition of migration or extinction. Despite being the most conscious being man is the main cause of pollution and environmental depletion. These activities have raised another problem: global warning by which our touristic Himalayan Region is losing its beauty as the snow is melting.

More than 70 percent of the people depends on agriculture .Despite it, the lifestyle of people hasn’t improved because of the lack of modern scientific farming techniques . HUREC-Nepal is inspiring the peasant community to use improved seeds, morden farming tools and fertilizers. Similarly, the farmers are being made aware of the important of compost fertilizer and the demerits of chemical fertilizers and plastic goods. Land is losing fertility due to haphazard use of chemicals and plastic goods. Considering the same, HUREC-Nepal has been organizing different programs so as to make each individual aware of his/her responsibilities for the environment resources .

On the whole HUREC-Nepal has been creating such an environment in which suppressed violence are exposed, human rights identified and positive changes on thoughts and views of people seen. With the slogan “Conserve our Forests, Promote Greenery on Treeless Hills” it is approaching to the rural nooks and corners for the sake of long healthy and happy future life of people.