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Human Rights and Rural Environment Protection Center (HUREC Nepal) is a pioneer ‘youth led and for youth’ not for profit and a non-governmental organization admire for passionate commitment addressing urgent social problems through inventive approaches. The field of human rights is under a serious threat due to human rights violation and absence of rule of law. In the context of Nepal the burning challenges are to eliminate social discrimination, child labor, untouchability, different youth issues and human trafficking.

Environmental degradation due to pollution and deforestation are major challenges. HUREC-Nepal was established in 2006 AD at Ratu VDC of Surkhet as a Community Based Organization (CBO), which was officially registered in District Administration office Surkhet and Social Welfare Council Kathmandu Nepal in 2009 AD as a Non- Governmental Organization.

The four working issues are: Human Rights and Social Justice, Peace and Social Harmony, Democracy, Environment Conservation. The organization promotes volunteerism that is essential to enhance youth engagement in community development; partnership for sustainable development; duty culture for the development of professionalism; and finally, Youth participation for the holistic development as more than 40% of the national population comprises youth.

Moreover, the organization also participates in policy advocacy on contemporary social issues, which are largely linked with the daily lives of youth. The direct actors of this organization are the youths aged between 16 to 40 years indicate the national youth policy 2066. The intensity of expansion of HUREC has been broad in the present context because, HUREC is able to establish two district offices: Surkhet and Dailekh. The existing Executive Committee (elected every three years of its tenure), 50 general members, almost 5 staffs and more than 10 regular volunteers are the base of HUREC’s progress. The success of the programs implemented by HUREC has demonstrated increased demand for further programs to address social cross‐cutting issues in more spatial units.

Annual Report of HUREC Nepal 2014.

Radio Message (Jingle) against about Human Trafficking.



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